12.06.11Invention Story PUTTINGTOOLs

As of December 6, 2011--- 68 COUNTRIES SOLD TO!!!! We are very proud to sell around the world! Puttingtools are USGA approved ball marking devices. 100% legal to use in competition. I invented these products in late 2006 & received APPROVAL FROM USGA in early 2007 that my product is legal to use in competition-- I knew putters all had alignment guides and the Titleist ProV1 came out with an arrow on their golf balls.... Why not make the connection between the ball and the putter with the ball marker? I started with the round designs then I said- why not let it tuck up under the ball more... so I took the round design and cut a section out of it so it would slide up under the ball... then when looking down I said why not chop off the sides to make more straight lines for a great reference point when on the ground... So the SHIELD was born... I pushed forward with the round designs then in 2008 when Scotty Cameron came out with the Ball Tool (Retail $44.00) I realized there is a market for the SHIELD design (RETAIL $15.00) and here we are... thank you Jeffrey Williams PGA Professional Inventor/ Owner